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Court of Appeals Gives DHEC and Chem-Nuclear Ninety Days to Submit Plan for Reducing Nuclear Contamination of Groundwater at Disposal Site

In Sierra Club v. South Carolina Department of Health and Environmetal Control, the South Carolina Court of Appeals gave the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (“DHEC”) ninety days to submit a plan to bring a nuclear waste disposal facility operated by Chem-Nuclear Systems, LLC (“Chem-Nuclear”) located in Barnwell County into compliance with South Carolina regulations aimed at the prevention of radioactive waste contamination of groundwater at nuclear waste disposal facilities. Sierra Club v. S.C. Dep’t of Health & Envtl. Control, No. 2012-212791, 2014 WL 3734366, at *21 (S.C. Ct. App. July 30, 2014).

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